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Roles of Leadership Development Program at the Career Grooming

Often you hear the phrase 'born leader', but is it true? While it seems like some people are born just destined to be a good leader and motivator, at present, the market is filled with a leadership development program designed to teach them how to bring out the best in their people.

Roles of Leadership Development Program at the Career Grooming

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Not only is a great leader who helped his team to realize their goals along with the personal development that eventually led to the growth of the organization. A good leader should not be a dictator but a motivator who inspires his team to bring out the best results.

1. Increased productivity

A leader may slightly increase the productivity of his team to develop a bond with them. For a leader, it is important to understand the emotional side to bring out the best of them. Knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of your team to help in designing implementing appropriate action plans to accomplish any task.

2. Reduce turnover rate

In 75% of cases, people do not quit their jobs, they quit their boss! By investing in the proper training of people in authoritative positions can organizations improve their employee turnover.

3. Involvement of employees

These programs teach the leaders of the various ways to get involved with the team and their subordinates. It is important to offer feedback to your team at least once a week to motivate them and do better.