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Know About Art Deco Lamps

Art deco, elegant design in style, appeared after World War I and was developed during the interwar period. In response to the industrial revolution, the increasing role of technology, and art deco lamps design with natural shapes and curved lines. Design influenced many areas of design, such as automotive design, fashion, interior design, decorative arts, theater, and architecture. It is characterized by:

Symmetry and balance

Different lines directly

Angular shape

Ornament prosperous

From the 1930s, these style components are in mass manufacturing, which allows not only the elite but everyone else to indulge in it. The interior design began to imitate the cosmopolitan lifestyle, attracted the attention of exotic woods, rich finishes, shiny surfaces, decorative patterns art.

Egyptian theme and safari become increasingly more popular make the inside look distinctive and memorable.

Made of elegant, leather or exotic woods, with sharp angles and geometric shapes, art deco furniture is of high popularity these days.

You can find the black lacquered cabinets, chrome lights, zebra-skin chairs, dressing table mirror, and glass chandeliers in almost every home glamor.

The design will go well even for kitchen furniture: sparkling stainless steel handle combined with reflective surfaces and cabinets of bold geometric forms will create a great atmosphere good for big family lunch and a romantic dinner for 2. This furniture will certainly give flat you are a thoughtful look and fill it with relaxation.

If you want to add more elements of retro style in your property, you can display images from a cruise ship, plane or car, original oil painting, or sculpture – it will complete the beautiful appearance of the room. Do not hesitate to find a suitable painting in a large art gallery.

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