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PODS Can Help You Move Your Stuff To A New Home

Moving across the country to a new home can be a stressful and challenging task that takes many weeks of planning and work, but moving PODS can help simplify the process for you and your family. Traditional moving companies require you to have a move out date and a move in date, but if you choose to use PODS moving and storage you can have the POD delivered to your driveway and load it up at your leisure. Additionally, you don't need to tell PODS when or where to delivery the unit to when you first order it. This can be very beneficial to a home owner who is looking to sell there house and move all of there stuff across the country.

Matt from TailHappyTV recently moved to California and he used PODS to help him get the cross country move completed successfully. In his latest YouTube video he explains how the entire process of using PODS to move worked, including how much it cost and what items were damaged in the move. You might be surprised to learn how reasonable the PODS pricing is. Traditional movers may charge over ten thousand dollars to move all of your stuff across the country, but using PODS to move can save you a ton of money. You will need to figure out how to load up your PODS. You can do all the packing and moving of furniture yourself, or you could hire some local folks to help you get the cross country move done more easily.